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Get a Free Roof Repair Estimate Today!

Get a Free Roof Repair Estimate Today!

35+ Years Experience

Roof Replacement & Repair for 35+ Years
Best Practice (No Nail Guns!) Available Lifetime Warranty and Our Workmanship Guarantee

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Sometimes your roof just needs a repair.  We specialize in shingle repair and provide the best roofing process that most roofers avoid.


Our roofers are roof replacement experts.  We have been repairing and replacing roofs in middle Tennessee for over 35 years. 


Need a roofing estimate for your insurance company?  We know exactly what they need.   Let us make it a hassle-free process.


Get a free roofing estimate including a thorough roof inspection, damage report and a free insurance ready estimate.

What People Say About Us

"Excellent job by Terry and crew. We’re happy customers. Highly recommend."

Bob Huston

"Terry does great work. He got the job done right with professionalism and he had the roof replaced very quickly!  I highly recommend Terry Woodall Roofing."

Amy Powell

"Terry and his crew did a fantastic job fixing my storm damage and at a fair price."

Terrie Christie


Roofing Insurance Help

Experience our stress-free, insurance claim process.  Schedule a free roof repair estimate today!


Homeowners Roofing Checklist

What to Know Before Hiring a Nashville Roofer

Avoid wasting time, money & stress with this one page printable checklist of 22 questions to ask before hiring a roofing company in Nashville, TN.

Why We Don't Use Nail-Guns!

Sometimes the area of your roof’s truss, rafters or sheathing will require a different amount of pressure to drive a nail properly.  A nail gun does not easily change the pressure as needed.  This can cause the nail to partially bounce out of place, stick out or go all the way through the shingle. It will also drive the nail improperly unless the roofer keeps it at just the right angle. Keeping the right angle can be a difficult process when lugging the nail gun and air hose around an angled roof top.

So Why Do Most Roofers Use Nail Guns?

Because it saves time which makes them more money.  They make more money on the initial roof installation and when they are called back to repair the unsecured shingles that get blown away in storms or by high winds.

In contrast, a simple but professional roofing hammer gives our experts complete control of every single shingle.  It’s pretty simple, we just take the time and effort to do the job right.


A new asphalt shingled roof for a typical 2,200 sq. ft. single-story ranch house will range from $9,500. to $12,000. The average cost to install an asphalt shingle roof is between $4.00 and $7.50 per sq. ft. The price differences depends largely on the shape of the roof, pitch, skylights, type of shingle, and other material and structure variables.
When you get an estimate from a roofing contractor it should include the cost for materials, tare-off (removing old shingles), fees for dumpster and disposal, permits, shingle installation labor, and additional warranties.

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Roofing Service For Middle Tennnessee Including Nashville, Brentwood, Belle Meade, Pegram and Franklin TN.

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