Residential Roofing Insurance Claims

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How We Can Help
Filing a homeowners insurance claim can be confusing.  Woodall Roofing makes the process hassle free.  We specialize in assisting homeowners with claims related to storms including hail, wind or water damage.  Most homeowner insurance policies cover hail, tornado, water and wind damage.

We discuss your roofs damage with your insurance adjuster to make sure you get the full roof replacement or repairs at no charge to you other than your insurance deductible.

Inspecting your Roof
We can evaluate your roofs condition in just a few minutes.  Even if you think the roof damage is minor, it’s a good idea to have your roof inspected for damage after a storm.

Should You File a Claim or Not?
Our roof inspection will help you determine if filing a roofing insurance claim is the right thing to do.  In some cases a minor fix is all that is needed and can be more affordable than paying a deductible. In fact, the average cost of basic repairs are surprisingly low. Here are some details on the average cost of roof repair in Nashville, TN.

Our Estimate
We have been working with local insurance agents and companies for several years.  After you review our recommendations, we prepare a roof damage estimate in the format the insurance companies prefer.  We check every detail to ensure your insurance claim is accurate.

Call your Insurance Company
The sooner you call your insurance company the better.  You will need your policy number.

Here are some of the phone numbers for the most established insurance companies in Nashville, TN for your convenience:

AAA (800) 332-6119
AARP (877) 805-9918
Allstate (800) 547-8676
American Family (800) 374-1111
Century (800) 878-7389
Farmers (800) 435-7764
The Hartford (800) 243-5860
Liberty Mutual (800) 225-2467
Nationwide (800) 421-3535
Safeco (800) 332-3226
State Farm (800) 782-8332
Travelers (800) 252-4633
USAA (800) 531-8722

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