Residential Roof Inspection

missing asphalt shingles

Woodall Roofing Contractors conduct a thorough roof inspection to determine the condition of your roof, from storm damage to new home buyers roof inspection.

Our detailed process makes our roof inspection service more comprehensive than most roofers.  This in turn gives you a roofing system that will protect your family and home for years beyond a roof inspected by the typical roofing standards.

After years of wear or after a big storm your roof may need repairs.  You can inspect your roof yourself or call a professional roofing contractor.  Either way, it’s a good idea to have it done right away to avoid further damage that can occur from a roof that needs repaired.

DIY Roof Inspection
Things to Know...

For homeowners that prefer inspecting their roof themselves, here are some helpful tips.

First, keep in mind, even if there was no hail or rain, you could still have a damaged roof.  High speed winds can cause stress on a roof that, eventually, becomes weakened and structurally compromised.

Here are some things to look for when inspecting your roof.

Attic Inspection
Sometimes when checking after the rain has ceased, the leakage is not obvious.  That is another good reason to inspect it right away.  Check everywhere from the rafters to the insulation for leaks, moisture marks, dampness and mold.  When mold is present, always call a professional to remove all spores.

Composition Shingles
Broken, missing shingle, granule depletion, pulled away or damaged.

Flashing missing, damaged, leaning bricks, or cracks in cement.

Buckling or tears near the roof penetration.

Soffit and Fascia
Stained, damaged, curling, missing, decayed or clogged.

Soffit and Ridge Vents
Vents damaged or clogged.  Flashing and surrounding shingles curling or missing.

Debris, clogged, decay, rust, leaky seams.

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