New Commercial Roof Construction


When you need a new commercial sheet metal or flat industrial roof constructed we present a number of options including different roof types and materials.  From industrial metal roofing, shingled slant or the more common commercial flat roofing, we can present the best new roof option for your commercial building.

New Commercial Roof Materials
The materials we use to cover, seal and maintain most commercial roofs include spray foam technology.  Spray foam creates a waterproofing membrane that is made to cover most any surface.  It conforms to the shape of the structure where it’s applied and reduces the need for additional weatherproofing or flashing.

Benefits of Our Commercial Roof Materials
Our spray foam coatings are energy efficient and will save money on your energy bills by reflecting UV rays and insulating your commercial building.  The future maintenance usually requires nothing more than a re-coating to ensure the greatest life expectancy.

When comparing flat roofs and metal roofs to asphalt roofing, one of the greatest advantage is seen in the increased lifespan.  The spray foam roof solution reduces your energy cost much more than an asphalt roof.  Further, by reducing your energy usage you are increasing the lifespan of your HVAC unit.

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