Commercial Roof Replacement

flat roof skylight

When you need your commercial roof replaced a flat roof system is one of the best options. When compared to a sloped metal or shingle roof, a flat roof system is less expensive to install and maintain.  However, all roofing systems including flat roofs have pros
and cons.

Flat Roof Issues
Here are the three main issues that can occur with a flat roof system:

  • UV Solar radiation that can eventually weather, dry and crack a flat roof coating
  • Roofing uplift and edge seal damage from heavy storms and driving rain
  • Water ponding from prolonged weathering, heavy rain and melted snow

Despite flat roofing systems having these specific problems, it is still the number one choice for most business owners.

Woodall Roofing experts can evaluate your current roof and present the best options from an affordable coating on your shingled or flat roof or completely replacing the current roofing system

Quality Roof Replacement Materials
Our roofing products and materials are considered the number one choice nationwide in the commercial roofing industry.  We only use the best tried and true products; regardless of your roof type.  From commercial shingled roofs and sloped metal roofs to flat spray foam roofs.

Woodall Commercial Roof Replacement Benefits
With our roof replacement options you will have the benefits and peace of mind that come with our process.  Here are some of the benefits of a Woodall spray foam replacement roof:

  • Leading edge spray-foam roofing sealant
  • All weather and climate elasticity membrane
  • Expands and contracts with changes in temperature
  • 83% UV ray reflective surface
  • Up to 25% A/C yearly savings
  • Highest manufacture standards and warranties
  • Highest performance standards in roofing industry
  • Lower HVAC usage, repair and maintenance costs
  • ENERGY STAR® certified
  • Water-tight protective seal
  • Fire resistance with FM and UL Class A
  • Wind resistant (FM I-90)
  • Lower maintenance demands in the future

How Our Roof Replacement Saves You Money
Our roof replacement spray foam option is so durable and energy efficient, it can pay for itself in less than 10 -12 years by reducing your energy bills and decreasing the need for maintenance and repairs.  You may also see an additional savings through the material manufacturers prorated warranties when it’s time to replace this roof in the future.

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