Commercial Roof Inspection

man inspecting flat roof

Commercial Roof Inspection Benefits
Woodall Roofing offers a complete inspection of your roofing system.  This includes commercial and industrial roof inspections in Nashville and all of Middle TN.  The benefits that your business receives from our roof inspection includes:

  • Verified inspection documents for your records and warranty
  • Discovering damage or compromised areas before they get worse
  • A detailed report of your roofs condition for insurance claims
  • A thorough evaluation of your roof’s condition for your peace of mind
  • Avoid unnecessary expense on future repairs

Inspection, Cleaning and Maintenance
A thorough inspection, cleaning and maintenance will keep your roof in good shape for it’s life expectancy.  It also prevents unexpected future cost and set backs that an unsafe or damaged roof can cause by delaying your business operations.

Expert Commercial and Industrial Roof Inspectors
Our on-site inspection team are comm. and industrial roof experts.  We evaluate the condition of your roof system and provide you with a detailed report with clear recommendations.

Our Inspection Covers:

  • A thorough examination of all roofing materials
  • Detailed examination of drip edges, ridges and caps
  • Careful evaluation of your water draining system
  • Complete assessment for signs of compromise or movement
  • All other commercial roof features including metal flashings

When Should You Have Your Roof Inspected?
The most effective times to have your roof inspected are in early spring or fall.  When the weather is extreme, have an inspection after driven rain or strong winds and especially after hail storms, ice and sleet or when there
is heavy melting snow.

Saving Money with Prorated Material Warranties
An aging roof will sometimes present problems in it’s last year or two of it’s life expectancy.  A commercial roof inspection not only protects your business investment, it can save you money when there is a prorated refund for the material warranty’s remaining years.

On Going Commercial Roof Inspection and Maintenance
In addition to commercial roof inspections we provide a roof maintenance service.  Commercial roof maintenance can include on going roof inspections, roof cleaning for small business buildings and larger flat roofs of any size including hospitals, schools and malls.

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