3 common types of roof repair

Сlose up view of asphalt shingles roof damage that needs repair.

The Most Common Types of Roof Repair Found in Middle Tennessee

1.  Shingle Replacement

The high frequency of tornadoes in Nashville inherently brings high winds.  One of the most common results of high winds with driving rain is broken or missing shingles.  This requires shingle replacement and sometimes repair to other roofing elements like flashing, fascia, and gutters.

2. Leaking Roof Repair

Broken shingles or flashing can compromise your roofs integrity.  When water begins to penetrate your roofs underlayment it can seep into your attic and any room in your home.  The time it takes for a missing shingle to cause a leaky roof can be fairly short.  For this reason, it’s common for a homeowner to not know the roof is failing until the leak itself is present.
Don’t wait until you see a leak.  Call Woodall Roofing after a heavy storm for a roof inspection.   Call (615) 300-6005

3. Gutter Repair

Keeping gutters and drain pipes free from debris is needed to maintain a healthy roofing system.  Fallen branches, leaves and debris are the major causes of gutter damage.
We repair and replace rusted or damaged gutters and we offer new gutter installation as well.
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