A new asphalt shingled roof for a typical 2,200 sq. ft. single-story ranch house will range from $9,500. to $12,000. The average cost to install an asphalt shingle roof is between $4.00 and $7.50 per sq. ft. The price differences depends largely on the shape of the roof, pitch, skylights, type of shingle, and other material and structure variables.

Roof repair costs for Nashville homeowners range from $250-1200

For small jobs that only require a few shingles replaced, the cost is usually no more than $150-250

The high frequency of tornadoes in Nashville inherently brings high winds.  One of the most common results of high winds with driving rain is broken or missing shingles.  This requires shingle replacement and sometimes repair to other roofing elements like flashing, fascia, and gutters.

Roof damage from Tennessee’s high winds & rain will take their toll on your shingled roof.  Over time some eroding shingles will eventually come off.

The areas with broken or missing shingles will get further damage being exposed to UV rays.  Nashville has around 300 days of sunlight each year making the UV damage to your roof significant in just a 12-month span.

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